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We proudly present you our Ultimate Winner Energy Test! With this new, highly efficient tool, you can now better assess how well the team members of a sports team harmonize with each other and the harmony in the relationship between coach and team can finally be measured. With the help of the Winner Energy Test, you will be able to predict how well the team will function as a holistic unit. You can use this knowledge for many activities.

We offer you a unique analysis of the team spirit in team sports. The team spirit arises from various factors, but the decisive factor is the level of energetic harmony that exists between the players and the coach and the players. When a high level of harmony exists, there is a greater chance that the team will act as a unit on the field, which in all team sports is often of vital importance to the end result.

We deal with major global sport events such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. In addition, we offer our test for all professional and amateur sports according to our motto:

WINNER ENERGY - The key to your success.

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We also offer you additional, valuable information to create success forecasts for football clubs. These effective data are of great value for all sports enthusiasts, as we can show you whether the “chemistry” between the team members is right or not. Do you want to know which teams share the best intuitive energy with each other in the Champions League final? No problem, we will tell you! It is then up to you how you want to use this knowledge. But you should know that there are factors that go beyond the technical and tactical skills of football players and that help to decide who will leave the field as the winner in the end. Otherwise, the team that has bought the technically best players or that plays the tactically best football would always win. But sometimes that is not the case. There must be a reason for upsets and surprises in professional team sports. The harmonically synchronous energy explains this phenomenon convincingly. If you want to use this knowledge professionally, you need access to highly professional scientific data, which we can make available to you shortly before a game at a very reasonable price. In order to be able to predict the tendency of a match in football, specific data are required, which we offer our customers for a small fee.

Ask yourself the following questions.

How important is the interpersonal synchronicity between the 5 most important players, or the flow of energy between the coach and his players? We believe these are crucial factors on the pitch as a high level of synchronicity allows players to react faster and the coach’s instructions are easier implemented!

In a large number of sports events that are popular around the world, we carry out extensive tests before a game day, in which essential factors such as the biorhythm and the interpersonal Winner Energy of the teams are presented in a simple and easy understandable way.

Our Winner Energy Test is quick, convincing and effective.